BBCHS Medical Academy Certifications

BBCHS Students Earn NASM Certifications
Posted on 05/24/2018

Medical Certifications
by Kristen Chapman
The first students to ever graduate from a brand new program called the Medical Academy at Boynton Beach High School walked on stage Friday to accept a diploma.

Twenty students participated this year with one goal: to pass one of the most challenging exams in the county for personal training, the NASM CPT.

“The stuff that we were doing in here when I was in taking my certification I was like OMG! I remember,” said graduating Senior Justine Anderson. “We did an overhead squat in here. We did the push-pull assessment here.”

Anderson gives a lot of credit to her teacher Ms. Rhoades. “I passed. And I was like oh my goodness yay,” shared Anderson. “She over-prepared us. She told us that from the beginning.”

In fact, all twenty teens passed the test. They can now call themselves certified personal trainers. They're able to work at any health club, country club or gym. As Boynton Beach High School Medical Instructor Jessica Rhoades explains, “Every center looks for certain qualifications. NASM is top-notch, you can go anywhere in the United States with it.”

These teens have bright futures. “With these kids graduating at 18 years old with this certification, it’s amazing,” Rhoades shared. “There’s grown men and women who don’t pass this exam.”

Romario Hendricks is one of the graduating seniors who is using the certification to his advantage. Hendricks plans to attend Texas Christian University next year. He’s already on his third round of interviews at LA Fitness, where he hopes to work his way through college. “I remember I was at my mothers workplace and I applied for a job at LA fitness,” he explained. “Immediately after an hour I got a call back, saying they were surprised I had this certification and wanted to meet me right away.”

Meanwhile, Anderson plans to use her certification a different way. She says she doesn’t necessarily want to be a personal trainer, but she wants to use her new knowledge base to study nursing next year.

The Medical Academy is brand new at Boynton Beach High School, and teachers say it will only continue growing. While this is the first year for graduating seniors to earn a personal training certification, many are also walking away with other accolades like certifications in first aid training.